About Gallbladder Attack

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Removing Gallbladder Attack

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Surgically removing the gall bladder after a gallbladder attack, is an out-dated, antiquated way to deal with the problems of gall stones and the gall bladder.
When the gall bladder is full of stones, it means that the liver is also full of stones and toxic waste. Even after a severe gallbladder attack, the removal of the gall bladder is an extreme way to partially solve a problem. Surgery does not necessarily cure the problem.
Now the liver, which filters out impurities, is required to do the work of the gall bladder too.

GallBladder Attack Symptoms

Pain in the right side may be the first indicator. The pain may wrap around the whole body. Pain is the friend that warns of greater problems.

Cleanses for Gallbladder Attack

There are a variety of ways to naturally cleanse your gall bladder and prevent surgery.

• Try doing a general body cleanse first, before trying the gall bladder cleanse.

• The olive oil quick cleanse is probably the most successful cleanse of them all.

1. Drink natural or a quality bottled juice at the rate of 1 quart per day for 3 days. The pectin in the juice will soften the stones for easier passage.

2. On the third day, fast except for the apple juice.

3. In the evening, several hours before bedtime, drink ½ cup of olive oil “cut” with ½ cup of regular coca cola. Coke has been recommended as a cleansing agent, and it tends to make the oil more palatable. Drink it all at once and you will get the quick “flush” quality that is so important.

• The slower olive oil cleanse involves 1 teaspoon of olive oil each day for several weeks.

• There are also many good products available in capsule and liquid form that can help in cleansing the gall bladder. By using these specific products, a gallbladder attack may be avoided.