Pain After Gallbladder Removal

Pain after gallbladder surgery is relatively common. However, you will want to distinguish whether the pain is very severe or if it is acceptable. Many people are very sore for a few weeks after the procedureandthat is to be expected. If you are experiencing more severe pain than you were before then you should talk to your doctor.

You should seek medical attention right away if your temperature rises a lot in combination with the post-surgery gallbladder pain. It is possible that something was pulled but if you are experiencing only moderate pains and aches then that is expected as your body is healing from the surgery.Basically, if you are experiencing pain after gallbladder surgery then you need to determine whether it is just your body healing from the surgery or if it is something entirely different.

If you just feel generally sore then it is likely due to your body healing from the surgery. If you pulled something or have another underlying problem to blame for the pain post-surgery then you will likely notice an increased severity, frequency, and duration of the pain. A high fever will likely accompany it as well.

All of this would be a major indicator of something that should be addressed immediately so if you believe that it is more than your body healing from the surgery then you should seek medical attention right away.